High quality work with high quality friends.

We started Return in 2012 which means we’ve been at this for a while (in web years). Here’s our takeaway: what you make and how you make it don’t matter nearly as much as the friends you make it with.

The Team

  • Julian Jones

    Developer, Back-end

    Builds software and houses, sings karaoke, solves the world.

  • Jillian Farris


    Creates order, collects colors, lifts heavy objects, changes things.

  • Joel Farris

    Developer, Front-end

    Writes CSS, challenges details, loves “curly quotes”, drums on desks.

Why Return?

  • Our powers combined.

    Design, front-end, back-end. We’re a true one-stop web shop.

  • Smaller, better, faster.

    As a tight-knit team with no middlemen, our work helps you lap the competition.

  • Enhance!

    From forests to trees, our wide-ranging perspective informs key project decisions.

  • Here today, here tomorrow.

    Yeah, launching is cool but have you ever had a great team on your side for the long haul?

  • Ready to get started?

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